T1 Keria and Gumayusi: Did “OMG” by NewJeans!”

T1 Keria and Gumayusi: Did "OMG" by NewJeans!"

Hey everyone! You’ll love this if you liked T1 Keria and Gumayusi. Fans are dying over this adorable dance version of “OMG” by NewJeans that these two gaming stars just released.

T1 Keria and Gumayusi: Let’s Dance with T1: The Cutest Moment

Think about this: The first picture shows Keria and Gumayusi, who are not playing games but are dancing to the song “OMG.” It’s beautiful to see! The two gave up their keyboards and learned how to dance instead. The effect is pure happiness.

T1 Keria and Gumayusi: Reactions from fans: hearts melting everywhere

Fans went crazy as soon as the video came out on the web. On social media, people wrote things like “OMG, this is too cute!” and “Can they be any cuter?” You don’t see your favourite e-sports stars bust a move like this very often.

T1 Keria and Gumayusi: Behind the Scenes: Having a Good Time

Have you ever thought about how this dance song got made? It seems that it all began with a friendly bet. T1: Keria and Gumayusi chose to show off their dancing skills after playing video games. A lot of people were laughing, and the dance cover came about just for fun.

Why did NewJeans write “OMG”?

People are interested in why they picked “OMG” for their dance cover. Simple: the song’s catchy beat and funky vibes went well with the two of them because they were both very active. Music that makes you feel good made everyone tap their feet!

The dance move is easy to understand and charming.

Don’t expect a lot of complicated dance moves here. T1: Keria and Gumayusi kept things simple so fans could easily follow along. There are lots of smiles, cute hand movements, and fun spins in the dance routine. You want to join in with that kind of dance even if you can’t dance!

Making People Happy: T1’s Special Link with Fans

The strong bond between T1 and its fans has always been known, and this dance cover just makes that link stronger. It’s a lesson that esports is more than just playing games; it’s also about making moments that fans all over the world will remember and enjoy.

Finally, the dance that won our hearts

T1 Keria and Gumayusi are already famous in the world of e-sports. However, this dance cover shows that they are strong in more places than just video game battlefields; their infectious charm and playful spirits can also win our hearts. This is the cutest dance cover ever from T1! If you haven’t seen it yet, get some popcorn, press play AGENGACOR, and get ready to smile!