Rock Vegas Mega Hold & Spin Slot : A Dino-mite Adventure !

Rock Vegas Mega Hold & Spin Slot : A Dino-mite Adventure !

Ready for a roaring adventure in the world of dinosaurs! We are going to travel back in time and discover the exciting Rock Vegas Mega Hold & Spin slot machine. It’s like a time machine, but way cooler!

Rock Vegas Mega Hold & Spin Slot : Time to Travel Back in Time

Imagine you have a magical time machine, and you can go back to the age of dinosaurs. That’s exactly what Rock Vegas Mega Hold & Spin is all about! The game takes you to a place called Bedrock, a prehistoric jungle where dinosaurs and cavemen lived. 

In this cool game, you will meet a caveman, who is like a friendly neighbor. He is the main character and the highest-paying symbol in the game. Next, you’ll find other awesome creatures like a saber-tooth tiger, an anaconda, and even a giant mammoth! And don’t forget the colorful symbols like A, K, Q, J, and 10 – they’re like the secret codes to unlock treasures!

Pick Your Bet Like a Dino Explorer

Before we start our dino-tastic journey, we need to choose our bet. It’s like deciding how many candies you want to eat! You can choose to bet from as little as 0.20 to a whopping 240.00. You do this by picking how much each coin is worth (from 0.01 to 1.20) and how many coins you want to play on each line (from 1 to 10). It’s like deciding how many dinosaur friends you want to bring along on your adventure!

Let’s Play the Mega Hold and Spin Game

Now, let’s talk about the fun part – playing the game! The Rock Vegas Mega Hold & Spin slot is special because it has a unique game called Mega Hold and Spin. It’s like a game inside a game – double the fun!

To get to this special game, you need to find three or more bonus symbols while spinning the reels. Once you do that, get ready for some action! You’ll be taken to a new place where there are only empty spaces and rocks. These rocks come in different colors like red, pink, yellow, green, and blue.

You start with three “lives,” and they are like hearts in a game. Every time new rocks appear, they take away one life. But don’t worry; your lives reset whenever new rocks come in. And guess what? If you make a big group of rocks (2×2 or 3×3), you get a special prize – a super cool multiplier of up to 500 times! It’s like finding a treasure chest full of candies and toys!

But that’s not all, my dino-friends! You can also find keys while playing. These keys go into a special meter, and when you collect enough, you unlock a treasure chest that gives you even more goodies!

So, there you have it – Rock Vegas Mega Hold & Spin, the game that takes you on a thrilling journey back in time with dinosaurs, cavemen, and lots of treasures. And the best part? You can play SLOT SERVER THAILAND it for free and have a dino-mite time!