Dolly Parton Grants Dying Fan’s Wish

LG’s Bucket List

When LeGrand “LG” Gold got the tough news about Stage IV colorectal cancer, he penned down a list of things he wanted to check off while he still had time. Right there on that list, scribbled in black marker on a napkin, was his seventh wish: meeting the one and only Dolly Parton.

A Dream Come True

Dolly, being the legend she is, made that dream a reality. She reached out and had a heart-to-heart with LG and his wife just before Christmas, making LG’s wish finally come true. The video of their chat ended up on social media, shared by Alice, LG’s wife.

Heartfelt Moments

During the call, Dolly thanked LG for being a fan all these years. His smile said it all when he replied, “It’s been my honor too.” He poured his heart out, expressing how much her music had meant to him, especially during these tough times.

A Lifelong Connection

LG revealed that Dolly’s music had been a huge support, especially in the recent years. Sadly, doctors had informed him that the treatment was no longer working, advising him to spend his remaining time with family at home.

A Fan’s Devotion

Alice chimed in, letting Dolly know that LG had been a die-hard fan, with the whole family having season passes to Dollywood. She also mentioned how their three kids cherished books from Dolly’s Imagination Library program.

Dolly’s Gratitude

Dolly, always one to spread joy, expressed her happiness in sharing this journey with LG. She shared how making people happy through her music and actions was her goal, feeling honored that she had touched his life. Grateful for the love and support, she thanked LG for the tribute.

The List Goes Viral

Alice had posted LG’s “List of Living” on Facebook in December 2022, where meeting Dolly was just one item. Other dreams included a Grand Canyon RV trip with the kids, catching March Madness, attending a Natalie Merchant concert, and seeing “TNT Inside the NBA.”

Making It Happen

Alice was unsure how the news reached Dolly, but she mentioned friends spreading the word, even reaching out to politicians in Tennessee following suggestions from the Nashville mayor’s office. The story of LG featured on affiliate KSL took off, likely catching Dolly’s team’s attention.

Dolly’s Melodic Promise

As the call came to an end, Dolly, ever the heartfelt soul, told LG, “I will always love you.” Then, true to her nature, she started singing her famous hit, “I will always love you,” making it special by adding LG’s name into the lyrics. It was an emotional, touching moment for everyone involved.

A Heartwarming Gesture

Dolly Parton, the queen of kindness and music, once again showed her immense love for her fans by making LG’s final wish a reality. In her own beautiful way, she brought a smile to LG’s face, making a lasting impact on his life.