Natalia Grace: The Story Unpacked

The Shocking Series

Remember the documentary that got everyone talking? “The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace” had everyone glued to their screens. Now, the one in the spotlight is Natalia herself, speaking out about what went down.

The Mystery Unraveled

This series, part of ID, dug into the wild tale of an American couple who adopted a girl from Ukraine in 2010, claiming she was actually an adult with dwarfism wreaking havoc in their lives. It’s the kind of story that reminded some folks of the spooky 2009 flick “Orphan,” where a woman with growth issues poses as a young girl adopted by unsuspecting parents.

Natalia’s Take

Now, in a new show called “The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks,” the spotlight is on Natalia as she takes on her adoptive parents, Michael and Kristine Barnett.

The Starting Point

The Barnetts seemed like your average happy family with three boys until they decided to add to their crew by adopting a 6-year-old girl from Ukraine. Little did they know, Natalia has a rare form of dwarfism called spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita.

Trouble Brews

The family initially hoped Natalia would blend right in, but doubts about her age cropped up pretty soon.

The Unsettling Incidents

According to the family, instead of the young child they thought they’d adopted, Natalia turned out to be an adult with serious behavioral issues. Michael Barnett mentioned in “The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace” that she allegedly attempted to harm his wife, among other disturbing incidents involving their other kids.

Legal Moves

In 2012, the Barnetts legally altered Natalia’s age from eight to 22, shifting her out of their home and into her own apartment.

Legal Aftermath

Following an investigation, the Barnetts faced child neglect charges. They’ve since split, and reports say Michael was acquitted in 2022, while charges against Kristine were later dropped in the subsequent year.

The Current Picture

Natalia found refuge with Antwon and Cynthia Mans, a couple who became her new guardians and friends. And now, she’s finally speaking up, refuting the claims made by her adoptive parents and insisting she was a child when she was brought into their family.

Natalia’s Side

A sneak peek from the fresh documentary reveals Natalia, now grown up, facing Michael Barnett, questioning him about why they adopted her in the first place.

Unanswered Questions

In response, Barnett mentions there might not be a simple answer. He tries to explain that they both suffered from the same “monster“: his ex-wife and Natalia’s adoptive mother.

Tensions Rise

The clip ends with Barnett leaving when things heat up during a discussion with Antwon Mans, who asks him to maintain respect and avoid foul language.

Where to Watch

“The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks” is available for streaming on Max.

Natalia’s story is a whirlwind of emotions, leaving us with more questions than answers.