Programme 2020

Every night from July 20 to July 25, 2020

What should have been in 2020 …

Monday 20/07 I 21:15 in Poseidonia (Saint Paul Mansion)

Εntrance 5€

 Walter Romero – Tango

Walter Romero returns to Greece to present his new album and revisits his three previous plates together with Roman Gómez and Kostas Zigkeridis. A man of letters, a handsome French man, an expert in Proust and a thug with Discépolo and Magaldi: Walter Romero is all of those, as well as an acclaimed suburban voice in the halls of the world. Supported by the notable duo Gómez/Zigkeridis, tonight in Syros promises to be an unbeatable encounter with a repertoire of notable tangos. Romero has been singing continuously since 1999 in the most important tango theatre of Buenos Aires. Considered an unclassifiable artist within the genre, he has managed to get around the usual labels offering an artistic expression of singing and crossing with literature that is both popular and refined. His musical foray as a performer tries to unite the universe of tango with the rich tradition of Argentine literature. He has four albums released: Charlemos, Guapo, Romero sings Romero and Buffo! He has performed on tour in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay.

 Demonstration of Brazilian dance with Ioanna Aspiotis and Lucas Graciano Forro Atenas

 MARÉS TRIO I first time in Greece

Marés trio is a collaboration between a Brazilian jazz musician and two italian jazz musicians. First album Nuuu! was released by Notami Jazz label in 2019, Marés trio features an original repertoire written for instrumentation as follows: accordion, acoustic bass and drums. Brazilian accordeonist Guilherme Ribeiro, Italian bassist Giacomo Dominici and also italian drummer Alessandro Pivi. Marés trio brings a mix of Brazilian taste with italian jazz tradition. As a special guest, album Nuuu! counts on also Brazilian tenor saxophonist based in Italy Gledson Zabote in some of the tracks. Highlights for samba in 3 Peacefulness, bossa nova Nuuu!, jazz waltz Serelepe and the ballad Distancia.


  • Guilherme Ribeiro: accordion
  • Giacomo Dominici: Bass
  • Alessandro Pivi: Drums

Tuesday 21/07 I 21:15  in Kini (port)

Free entrance

 Danai & Io

« Join us, there is nothing as honest as happiness! »
narrated by a voice and an accordion
Io plays the accordeon and Danai sings. Both Greek and French speakers, they constituted the musical duo Danai & Io when they moved their base in Athens in 2016. They attach specific importance to storytelling, through the interpretation of covers and original material. They select stories in the first-person -singular or plural – with an existential concern and that reflect on identity.
Who doesn’t like stories? Stories overcome cultural, linguistic boundaries and age differences, and strangely belong to each of us individually in a deeply collective way. Danai & Io offer a musical performance with accordion and voice, whose main source of inspiration stems from the works of two timeless poets, Georges Brassens and Jacques Brel.
French songs and music of the world weave and spin a narrative in Greek. A musical program that links :
    • urban Athens of the past century, with covers of Hatzidakis and Arletta
    • popular traditions, with Celtic melodies and Portuguese fados
    • songs of refugees, visitors and travelers, from Smyrna to American folk
    • contemporary Anglo-Saxon and Spanish songs.
  • Danai Tezapsidou: voice
  • Io Le Moller: accordion

Wednesday 22/07 I 21:15 in Finikas (Νew square)

Free entrance

 David Yengibarian Trio I first time in Greece

David Yengibarian was born in Armenia and moved to Budapest at the age of 19. Here he founded different bands during the years and published 4 own albums and composed music for the theatre and the cinema.
Το Trio του David Yengibarian performs mostly original compositions inspired by the Armenian folk music, characterized by improvisation typical of jazz and strongly marked by melodies and modalities of Armenian tradition. David Yengibarian’s music is progressively in search of new rhythms, exalting the asymmetric rhythms influenced by Eastern Europe folk music.
The Trio, while performing, looks for audience’s reaction and improvises with humour and at the same time with provocative gravity. Armenian tangos, experimental ballads and Balkan virtuosity are distinguishing creations of the band.
The Trio will soon publish their new album “Mariage” with Màrk Badics, drum player coming from a funk, rock, jazz background, Istvàn Bata bass guitar player, member of several ethno, pop, jazz bands and featuring with Miklòs Lukàcs, one of the most talented cimbalom player of Hungary.
This summer the Trio will perform with the famous saxophone player Tony Lakatos.
  • David Yengibarian: accordion
  • Árpád Vajdovich: contrabass
  • Mark Badics: drums

Thursday 23/07 I 21:15 in Poseidonia (Saint Paul Mansion)

Free entrance

 Open Musical Stage

Mini bar & snacks open

As every year, an open music scene is set up for the accordionists who have come to the island to attend and participate in the Festival. With the Open Music Stage they are given the opportunity to play in the audience and get to know each other, to get to know each other musically and interact … The Music Stage is open to all musicians, locals, guests and tourists, regardless of the instrumental …

Friday 24/07 I 21:15 in Chroussa (Faneromeni Church Park)

Entrance: €10 (regular) / €5 (Children, Students, Disabled, Unemployed)

 Los de la Isla

Songs and music from Latin America, a trip to Argentina, Mexico, Cuba and elsewhere, with accordion, guitars and two voices.
  • Nikos Aperguis: accordion
  • Panos Dramytinos: guitar
  • Agueliky Kokiny: guitar, mandoline, voice
  • Réna Vergou: voice



dRom is the word road in the Roma language. dRom is the music group of Thanos Stavridis with which he has been travelling for the last 4 years in the Balkans and many more places.
dRom is a band which loves travelling in space and time. It looks for sounds and aromas in the melodies of gypsies of the past and it couples them with the essences of the Balkans and the modern music trends. In frenetic rhythms, it improvises full of joy and energy and sets a course, which starts from Hepiros, goes through Salonica, Skopja, Sofia, Belgrade and reaches Bucharest. They are well known melodies as well as Thanos’ Stavridis original compositions from his first personal album ‘me mia valitsa oneira’ (with a suitcase full of dreams) along with new material.
During their trip, clarinet, saxophone, accordion, guitars, bass and drums rouses and torments spirits. Having successfully presented their work in jazz and music festivals and having received rave critics in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Hungary and Belgium, they arrive in Syros to rock the crowd with their frantic rhythm.
Ria Ellinidou collaborates with them. She is one of the rising female voices who combines the Eastern  and the Balkan traditions with the sound and the freshness of today. Actually, they are recording their collaborative album these days.
  • Thanos Stavridis: accordion, musical compositions
  • Vassilis Athanasiou: clarinet, saxophone
  • Giannis Karakalpakidis: electric guitar
  • Giotis Kiourtsoglou: electric bass
  • Christos Tassios: drums
and Ria Ellinidou , lead singer

Saturday 25/07 I 19:00 in Ermoupoli

Free Entrance

 An afternoon event on the Ermoupolis pedestrian street

Accordionists are dispersed in small groups in the shopping street of Ermoupolis, followed by a presentation of the week’s workshops.
Forró Atenas, Ioanna Aspiotis and Lucas Graciano will be with us for this late afternoon to make us dance the forró, Brazil’s favorite music.


From Monday to Saturday, they will be open at the mansion “Saint Paul”in Poseidonia

Like every year, Panagiotis Zafeiriou sets up an accordion repair workshop and an exhibition of this instrument and on the world of music, with instruments, books, scores, photos and more.