Programme 2019


In the program of the 8th year

“Red Sock”

22-27th July 2019

Swing, Jazz et Lindy Hop


In Greece, accordion is often a neglected musical instrument. However, it has an original repertoire, a fanatic audience and musicians with worldwide reputation. It has been essential to create a festival dedicated to this musical instrument.

This festival started in Syros 8 years ago and it takes place annually all the consecutive years until today.

From Mondays to Saturdays, the program includes, in Poseidonia, «Saint Paul» Mansion :

  • Daily seminars by renowned teachers
  • Αn accordion and the World of Music exhibition, including instruments, books, scores, photographs (10.00 – 14.00 & 18.00 – 20.00)
  • Maintenance-repair workshop for accordion (10.00 – 14.00 & 18.00 – 20.00) with

Panagiotis Zafeiriou –

With us:


… and differents events during the week all around the island:

Sunday 21st July : first of all, for children…

18:30 Poseidonia «Saint Paul» (οpposite Tsiropina Mansion)

Ticket: 5€

‘…A submarine is travelling…’
An interactive musical by the art group ‘Pentavolo’ for kids 2-9 years old.


  • Katia Anddianakou
  • Christos Rozakis


Monday 22nd July: Je swing

21:15 Finikas Square

Free entrance

 Gypsy Swing and Hot Jazz

Instrumental arrangements in popular gipsy melodies and lots more, respecting the acoustic sound and the playful character of swing manouche. With playful improvisations, joyful and nostalgic mood ‘Je swing’ tamper with the repertoire of the epic Django Reinhardt and invite you to …dance.

  • Antonis Arphanis: Guitar
  • Giorgos Chronopoulos: Guitar
  • Giorgos Tsiatsoulis: accordion
  • Giorgos Ventouris: Contrabass
  • Irene Triantafyllidis: Song-vocals

website :

facebook: Je swing


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Tuesday 23rd July : Maryll Abbas trio

21:15 Poseidonia “Saint Paul” (opposite Tsiropina Mansion)

Ticket: 5€ – Free entrance for children up to 12 years (reservation “Saint Paul”)

Mini bar & snacks open

 First time in Greece

The trio improvises in virtuoso compositions, which can make the waltz and swing songs of the Great Conductors sound like mourning and dance songs at the same time by suggesting bold arrangements in accordion music sheets, travelling around traditional music from different countries.

  • Maryll Abbas: accordion
  • Joris Viquesnel: guitar
  • Benoît Josse: violin


web: Maryll Abbas Triofacebook:  Maryll Abbas Trio/Quintet

with partner:

Tuesday 23rd July
: Anámnezy

21:15 Hermoupolis – Park of the Metamorphosis Church

Free entrance

 Buenos Aires – Paris – Athens


The duet ‘Anamnezy’ was born when a French – Argentinian guitarist and a Greek accordionist met musically in Buenos Aires today. They invite you to listen to their musical stories.

  • Jean Pouye: guitar, vocal
  • Kostas Zigkeridis : accordion


facebook: Anámnezy

Thursday 25 July: Open Musical Stage

21:15 Poseidonia – ‘Saint Paul’ (οpposite Tsiropina Mansion)

Free entrance

Mini bar & snacks open

The accordionists play on a musical stage, full of surprises and improvisations. The stage is open to every musician who wants to come and play with us.


Friday 24th August: Gadjo Dilo 

21:15 Chroussa – Οpen space of cultural events (near Faneromeni Church)

Entrance: € 10 regular / € 5: Children, Students, Disabled, Unemployed. (booking at “Saint Paul” from 22/7 until 26/7)

Mini bar & snacks open

Gadjo Dilo combine the traditional gipsy jazz tradition with their favourite Greek songs, mainly from the ‘50s and ‘60s, inspired by Django Reinhardt the legendary gypsy swing musician. In this way, they create their own unique musical style ‘Manouche De Grec’.

  • Sotiris Pomonis: guitar
  • Kostas Mitropoulos: guitar
  • Giorgos Roulos: double bass
  • Sergios Chrysovitsanos: violion
  • Giorgos Tsiatsoulis: accordion
  • Iliana Tsapatsari: vocals

website: Gadjo Dilo 

facebook: Gadjo Dilo

 In first party Manouchedrome:

  • Αlina Sapranidou: accordion
  • Dimitris Psallidas: guitar
  • Yannis Makkas : guitar
  • Nikitas Fousteris: double bass



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Saturday 27th July : Athens Lindy Hop in the street  of Hermoupolis

19:00-22:00 Hermoupolis – Pedestrian Street

The pedestrian street of Ηermoupolis will be flooded with the Swing and Jazz rhythms, with the musicians of the Festival and with Athens Lindy Hop and their Lindy Hop dancing figures!

website : Athens Lindy Hop

facebook: Athens Lindy Hop

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