Festival 2019

In the program of the 8th year

“Red Sock”

22-27th July 2019

Swing, Jazz et Lindy Hop


In Greece, accordion is often a neglected musical instrument. However, it has an original repertoire, a fanatic audience and musicians with worldwide reputation. It has been essential to create a festival dedicated to this musical instrument.

This festival started in Syros 8 years ago and it takes place annually all the consecutive years until today.

From Mondays to Saturdays, the program includes, in Poseidonia, «Saint Paul» Mansion :

  • Daily seminars by renowned teachers
  • Αn accordion and the World of Music exhibition, including instruments, books, scores, photographs (10.00 – 14.00 & 18.00 – 20.00)
  • Maintenance-repair workshop for accordion (10.00 – 14.00 & 18.00 – 20.00) with

Panagiotis Zafeiriou –

With us:

Panagiotis Zafeiriou –


… and differents events during the week all around the island:

Monday 22nd July: Je swing

21:15 Finikas Square

Free entrance

 Gypsy Swing and Hot Jazz

Instrumental arrangements in popular gipsy melodies and lots more, respecting the acoustic sound and the playful character of swing manouche. With playful improvisations, joyful and nostalgic mood ‘Je swing’ tamper with the repertoire of the epic Django Reinhardt and invite you to …dance.

  • Antonis Arphanis: Guitar
  • Giorgos Chronopoulos: Guitar
  • Giorgos Tsiatsoulis: accordion
  • Giorgos Ventouris: Contrabass
  • Irene Triantafyllidis: Song-vocals

website : www.jeswing.com/

facebook: Je swing

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Tuesday 23rd July : Maryll Abbas trio

21:15 Poseidonia “Saint Paul” (opposite Tsiropina Mansion)

Ticket: 5€ – Free entrance for children up to 12 years (reservation “Saint Paul”)

Mini bar & snacks open

 First time in Greece

The trio improvises in virtuoso compositions, which can make the waltz and swing songs of the Great Conductors sound like mourning and dance songs at the same time by suggesting bold arrangements in accordion music sheets, travelling around traditional music from different countries.

  • Maryll Abbas: accordion
  • Joris Viquesnel: guitar
  • Benoît Josse: violin

website: Maryll Abbas Trio

facebook:  Maryll Abbas Trio/Quintet


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with partner:

Wednesday 24th July : Anámnezy

21:15 Hermoupolis – Park of the Metamorphosis Church

Free entrance

 Buenos Aires – Paris – Athens

The duet ‘Anamnezy’ was born when a French – Argentinian guitarist and a Greek accordionist met musically in Buenos Aires today. They invite you to listen to their musical stories.

  • Jean Pouye: guitar, vocal
  • Kostas Zigkeridis : accordion

facebook: Anámnezy

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Thursday 25 July: Open Musical Stage

21:15 Poseidonia – ‘Saint Paul’ (οpposite Tsiropina Mansion)

Free entrance

Mini bar & snacks open

The accordionists play on a musical stage, full of surprises and improvisations. The stage is open to every musician who wants to come and play with us.

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Friday 24th August: Gadjo Dilo 

21:15 Chroussa – Οpen space of cultural events (near Faneromeni Church)

Entrance: € 10 regular / € 5: Children, Students, Disabled, Unemployed. (booking at “Saint Paul” from 22/7 until 26/7)

Mini bar & snacks open

Gadjo Dilo combine the traditional gipsy jazz tradition with their favourite Greek songs, mainly from the ‘50s and ‘60s, inspired by Django Reinhardt the legendary gypsy swing musician. In this way, they create their own unique musical style ‘Manouche De Grec’.

  • Sotiris Pomonis: guitar
  • Kostas Mitropoulos: guitar
  • Giorgos Roulos: double bass
  • Sergios Chrysovitsanos: violion
  • Giorgos Tsiatsoulis: accordion
  • Iliana Tsapatsari: vocals

website: Gadjo Dilo 

facebook: Gadjo Dilo

In first party Manouchedrome:

  • Αlina Sapranidou: accordion
  • Dimitris Psallidas: guitar
  • Yannis Makkas : guitar
  • Nikitas Fousteris: double bass

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manouchedrome

Website: https://www.manouchedrometrio.com/index.php/about-us.html

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Saturday 27th July

Athens Lindy Hop in the street  of Hermoupolis

19:00-22:00 Hermoupolis – Pedestrian Street

The pedestrian street of Ηermoupolis will be flooded with the Swing and Jazz rhythms, with the musicians of the Festival and with Athens Lindy Hop and their Lindy Hop dancing figures!

website : Athens Lindy Hop

facebook: Athens Lindy Hop

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“The end of the thread : Musical journeys from chaos to order”

Teacher : Maria Deli

The art of music is based on the sound, the sound we produce to express a feeling or a sensible thought. The accordion seminar aims to explore sound individually and transform it in groups.

Our tools?

Our whole musical experience! Varying from the first rough sounds to the beautiful organized melodies. Through a wide spectrum of improvisation, everything can lead to a free momentary composition.

The joy of musical expression doesn’t have levels. Everyone can join in. The lesson starts with musical activities, goes on with sound exploration of the instrument in the areas of tonal and atonal music and comes to an end with the creation of a group synthesis.

Through these journeys our music language is enriched, our sentimental world finds a way of expression and the phrase ‘play music’ is realized.

Level: All/ Beginners are welcome.

Open for all instruments


“MANOUCHE PARTY” for Accordion, Guitar, Violin, and all the others (double bass, clarinet, and …)

Teachers : Maryll Abbas Trio, Maryll Abbas (accordion), Joris Viquesnel (guitar) and Benoît Josse (violin)

In this seminar, Maryll Abbas invite you to gypsy swing and the repertoire  of Django Reinhardt! “A seminar for accordion and more, based on the idea of structuring these five days on the encounter between basic instruments of this kind and accordion.

Although the accordion can ensure the rhythm and melody, dialogue is the essence of Swing as well as the meeting around a shared repertoire transformed in a topic of discussion.

To make it true, Maryll Abbas will be accompanied by her friends Joris Viguesnel (guitar) and Benoit

Josse (violin) who play fundamental instruments of the kind in order to portrait the best aesthetics and allow everyone to learn the codes perfectly.

The stages of the seminar

  • Step 1: Three separate seminars (accordion, guitar, violin) aiming to learn the themes, the rhythmic accompaniment, harmony and improvisation.
  • Step 2: cooperation forming small groups which work on the idea “who does what!? “, in orchestration and sound.
  • Step 3: on Saturday there will participate in concerts in the streets of Syros.

Level: intermediate

Open for all instruments


“Improvisation, Jazz Harmony and Aesthetics: Study for Accordion”

Teacher: Yiorgos Tsiatsoulis 

  • A structural analysis of Jazz style and the elements with define it
  • Performing jazz aesthetics in the sound and the way accordion can do
  • Improvisation as a momentary musical creation of Jazz

*The seminar is addressed to adults, amateur and professional accordionists who have a complete knowledge of all levels of theory and the compulsory parts of harmony as well as previous work on Jazz and improvisation even at a primary level.

Level: advanced


“Lindy Hop, the king of the swing”

Teachers: Athens Lindy hop with Mariangela Salichou and Alex Palamidis

Lindy hop is an authentic swing dance of the ‘30s and ‘40s born in Harlem, New York in the end of ‘20s and more specifically in Savoy club, which was flocked with an enthusiastic audience, mainly African American, dancing to the rhythms of the legendary jazz masters and big bands. Being influenced by Charleston, tap, jazz dance, lindy hop has been established as the most popular dance between the ‘30s and ‘50s when rock ‘n’roll gained in popularity. Apart from the basic steps, lindy hop is based on improvisation and the interaction of the partners while dancing.

Together we’re going to learn the basics and the characteristic kinesiology of Lindy Hop through a choreography we are going to perform in the end of the seminar. We are going to learn also alterations of the basics steps, stylish, rhythmic steps on syncopations of jazz music. Last but not least, we are going to learn how to lead and follow the dance.

Resume of the teachers

Maria Deli composes and plays bayan. She has composed works for chamber music, orchestral, solo, animation, intuitive music which she has performed in Greece and abroad (Megaron Mousikis Athinon, Megaron Mousikis Thessaloniki, Kakogiannis Institute, University of Athens, theaters in Athens, BOSTON-ALEA III I, Cologne).

She has received a diploma in Bayan with Giannis Kekedakis, composition with Alexandros Kalogeras and Certificates of Harmony, Counterpoint with George Sioras, Fugue with Dimitris Karavelis, as well as Choir leading with Mihalis Oikonomou. She teaches accordion, theory and conducts choirs and music ensembles in Orion Conservatory, in the music school Musical Creation and the workshop To spirto (The matchstick).

She plays bayan in the tango ensemble ‘Evocacion’. Recently she cooperates regularly with the famous German composer and trumpetist Markus Stockhausen by performing with him in concerts  Intuitive Music in Greece (Festivals in Paros, Naxos, Tinos, Santorini) and abroad (Cologne, Hannover).

She has participated repeatedly in Summer International Music Meetings organized in Naxos by the ALEA Orchestra III of the University of Boston, where she has performed with important personalities like the Swedish bassoonist Magnus Nilsson and the Canadian Janet Underhill.

Joris Viquesnel is a french guitar, cavaquinho and Cuban tres player born in 1983. He started the guitar at the age of 13 teached by his father and quickly studied jazz music (the american standard répertoire) that led him naturally as a parisian musician to the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli.  He is the friend and collegue of Sébastien Giniaux with whom he played a lot around the world since they met with the singer Norig and also to form the “Sebastian Giniaux trio” 15 years ago. He also played with Rodolphe Raffalli, Angelo Debarre, the collective “Selmer 607”, Dominique Carré etc…

When he met Maryll Abbas, making music together was an evidence and his old friend Benoît Josse joined them to from the Maryll Abbas trio.

Benoît Josse is a french violin player born in 1976. He studied classical violin and in the meantime practiced the guitar on his own, improving his harmonic knowledge and improvisation skills. As a french violinist interested in improvisation he naturally grew up listening to the music of the “Quintet du hot club de France” featuring Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, and saw Stéphane in concert in 1989. From his arrival in Paris in 2001, he really starts playing gipsy jazz, meeting most of the famous guitarists and violinists in jam sessions, and performing with Joris Viquesnel, Matthieu Chatelain and Sébastien Giniaux in France and abroad, in gipsy jazz festivals in New Caledonia and in Seattle. Nowadays he lives in Brittany, still playing and evolving gipsy jazz with Louis Boudot, Dominique Carré, inspecteur gadjo and of course Joris Viquesnel and Maryll Abbas.

Maryll Abbas is a young French accordionist, as much enamoured by “musette” as Jazz or World traditional musics, which thus finds her playing in diverse eclectic formations. The feeling with Gipsy Jazz came when she met Joris Viquesnel and Sébastien Giniaux, 5 years ago, listening their gigs, and going to share the Jam with them. She met many musicians in Paris, and gradually, often share the stage with many musicians of Gipsy Jazz. In addition, a part of this culture is closed to the French songs’ repertoire; the accordion is doing melodies, give rhythmic and color the soloist, although the codes of this music are specific.

At this time, she tours with her projects (Maryll Abbas Trio, UM, Duo Abbas Thézé) and plays alongside jazzmen Patrice Caratini, Sébastien Giniaux, the capverdian singer Mariana Ramos, as well as Roger Raspail, grand master of the Gwo-ka tradition. Since 2016, she joined the “Lido de Paris”, and has also enjoyed performing on the “péniches” of the Seine River and in parisian theatres.

George Tsiatsoulis was born in Athens on 16 May 1975. He plays accordion from the age of eight years. He began studying classical music, while showing strong interest for both the jazz and Greek folk music tradition and for the musical traditions of other countries. Finish the course of taking the accordion and the corresponding qualification in 1994, while studying piano and harmony.

The completion of the theoretical study came in 1998 with the graduation Harmony. Since 1995 works as a professional musician in many small and large venues with live music, and a recording level, collaborating with many known and unknown artists, two of which are Pantelis Thalassinos and Stavros Xarchakos.

In 2006 he created GoJam Group a quartet of Greek jazz music which comprised the basic place of expression for his artistic interests. In the this group, he made his debut as a composer in Greek discography in 2009 with an album (named after the group) which includes mainly original compositions of himself and also of other members of the group.

Since 2012 he has been a member of Gadjo Dilo with whom he has already performed in Greece and abroad. As a member of the group he has concrete, orchestrated and recorded the albums :Manouche de Grec 1 &  2,which entail different versions of Greek songs adapted to the gypsy jazz style and also a personal composition entitled Gypsody.

Finally, he has been working in the music education. Since 2010 he has worked as an accordion teacher and has offered lessons on the theory of music, giving one – to – one as well as group lessons in music conservatories in Attica, Greece. His experimentation and long experience with various music styles, groups and sounds have resulted in his work and specialization in improvisation and jazz music. In 2017 he delivered seminars on “Introduction to jazz music for the accordion” during the 4th Accordion Festival in Syros.

Mariangela Salichou is founding member and director of Athens Lindy Hop. She studied Lindy Hop in London in 2004 and together Maria-Nefeli Abatzi, they first performed this dance in Athens in 2008 and started the swing dancing scene by organizing the first lessons and parties.

She is dancing, teaching and choreographing all the swing dances (Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues, Balboa). She often teaches and performs performances abroad and at major international swing festivals with the biggest names of swing teachers and dancers such as Steve Sayer, Simon Selmon, David Zilkha and Lucky Skillen.

Alex Palamidis started dancing Swing in 2008 and he is a teacher since 2011. He is one of the few still active dancers of the first generation of Lindy hoppers in Athens and he loves to spread the tradition of Swing dances and to convey the joy and smile they offer! He invests a lot of time in his dance education and development until today by participating in the biggest festivals in the world! At the same time, he loves to discover new figures, improve the quality of his movement and explore different rhythms by practicing for countless hours (especially when he choreographies a new performance).

The philosophy of the lessons is based on three parameters :

  • To teach good technics as they are a prerequisite for a dancer to perform well whatever they like
  • To inspire the students to discover their personal style and how they can perform on stage
  • To have enjoyable lessons as in this way you can indulge yourself to what you are learning and dance more often, learn how to have fun on stage and with your partner.