Festival 2018

7th year – always on rhythm!!! 

We celebrated it through playing, singing and dancing !

It was a quite promising marriage of two music genres that are distinct but have a common rhythm, “Zonaradiko” and “Tarantella”, the first  originating from Thrace, Northern Greece, and the second from Southern Italy. Throughout this union, we crossed the Balkans to reach the Mediterranean coasts.

The Festival took place from Monday to Saturday at the “Saint Paul” Mansion, with:

  • daily seminars leaded by renowned teachers
  • an exhibition around the world of the accordion music, with instruments, books, photographs, etc.
  • maintenance-repair workshop for accordion and percussion

6 music evenings in different places of the island

Monday 20/08 at PoseidoniaZakouskα


Music made in France with elements from the Romanian tradition

At last, music of Eastern Europe, which differentiates greatly from the usual musical paths of brass band. A kind of music, made in France, but having its roots in the Romanian tradition – amazingly inventive! It is worth listening to these four musicians who visit again the Carpathian Mountains using their classical and jazz background in order to refashion their melodies and harmonies. In the menu: Gusts of untamed notes, pizzicato violins, slap guitar and groovy accordion. Their plentiful and purposeful compositions – from ecstatic French musette in gypsy movements – have coherence.

Viola and violin : Elodie Messmer – Violin and Cretan Lyre : Aline Haelberg – Accordion and percussions : Arthur Bacon – Guitar and fretless guitar : Fabien Bucher

credit photos: Kostas Mountzoureas

website : www.zakouska.com

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7tHjrFXAnU

Tuesday 21/08 at FinikasBabo Koro


Music from the Balkans and the Mediterranean

The traditional music of our country, the Balkan polyphonies, the sense of swing, the gypsy wandering, the rock immediacy, the folk simplicity, the modern harmonization and the variety of rhythms are intertwined in their colorful music weave. Their lyrics, an up to the minute tale. Every appearance of theirs tries to balance between a concert and revelry, either exciting or gripping their audience. However, always exalting human passion. Babo Koro are a music mosaic that completed their first recording in January 2018. Balkan and Mediterranean sounds echo in their composition.

Violin: Dimitri Anastasiou – Accordion: Kostas Nikolopoulos – Guitar – vocals: Sotiris Tsakanikas – Vocals: Antigone Basakarou – Double bass: Mihalis Darmas – Wind instruments: Giannis Diskos – Percussions : Apostolis Bournias

credit photos: Kostas Mountzoureas

Bandcamp : babokoro.bandcamp.com

Wednesday 22/08 at Kini


Open Musical Stage

credit photos: Kostas Mountzoureas

Thursday 23/08 at PoseidoniaGlendOtur


Traditional music from Thrace

“GlendOtur”, therefore, means that we invite you, with endless hospitality, to join us to the fiesta, to have fun together, to dance under the music and melodies from Thrace, and the surrounding area, which will be performed by exceptional musicians.

In the ancient times, when music was a synonym of holiness and mystery, Thrace offered hospitality to the first and most important Greek musicians and anthem singers.

Stamatis Pasopoulos : accordion – Katerina Douka :  vocals – Stratos Pasopoulos: kaval-vocals – Makis Mpaklatzis : violin-vocals – Stathis Paraskevopoulos : davul

credit photos: Kostas Mountzoureas

Friday 24/08 at Hroussa (Faneromeni Church)Εncardia


Traditional music from South Italy

Encardia inspire, create and present music and songs through the rich musical tradition of Lower Italy and the wider Mediterranean region. Since 2004, they have performed over two thousand live performances throughout Greece, Italy, South France, Germany, Algeria, Switzerland and Cyprus. They have collaborated with many important representatives of both the Greek and the Italian music scene. They have released six discourses and their unique relationship with their audience when they are on stage.

Vocals, mandolin, violin, daouli: Kostas Kostantatos – Accordion, vocals: Vangelis Papageorgiou – Guitar, vocals: Michalis Kontaxakis – Vocals, percussions: Natalia Kotsani – Double bass, vocals: Dimitris Tsekouras – Dance: Gianna Hamaleli and Constantina Calcany

credit photos: Kostas Mountzoureas

Site:     http://www.encardia.gr/



Saturday 25/08 Pedestrian Street Hermoupolis: Street sessions in Hermoupolis


The accordions in the street … seminars presentation

The accordionists who came from all around Greece and abroad and participated in the Festival, formed small groups and spread in the streets of the majestic Hermoupolis town center, filling it with melodies of their own, as well as other musicians.


credit photos: Kostas Mountzoureas


 A Festival emphisising on the importance of musical expression

The accordionists participating in the Festival, not only attend the seminars and enrich their knowledge, but also participate and express themselves through music.

Either they are beginners or experienced, all accordionists, if they wish, have opportunities during the Festival to play and participate in small groups which are created to present their work and to meet each other by playing the accordion. On the last day of the seminars, small groups of accordionists, scatter on the pedestrian streets of Ermoupolis and fill the city with sounds where they all end together at Miaouli Square, the main square of the city, where there is a musical presentation of the seminars with the teachers and the participants. Hardly does anyone meet so many accordionists playing and being united by music, that the smiles on their face testify the “musical” joy that cannot be hidden.

Three workshops with one common theme :

“Thrace & Greek-speaking villages of Southern Italy”
(Zonaradikos & Tarantella)
Music – Song – Dance

  • The duration of each workshop is 3 hours per day, morning or afternoon, 12 hours in total.
  • The workshops will take place from Monday 20 to Saturday 25 August 2018.
  • A special day in the week, organized by the professors, will be devoted to a presentation of the work of each group (3 hours).
  • The schedules will be arranged in order to give participants the possibility to follow two courses during the week.

Prices : €100  for one seminar and €180 for two seminars



The accordion in Thrace

Teacher : Stamatis Pasopoulos

The accordion will be studied as solo instrument with the main focus not only on the tempo figure of the best known dance of Thrace, called Zonaradikos, but also as an accompanying instrument for this kind of musical tradition.

The workshop will be focused on:

  • Rhythmic accompaniment
  • Chord harmonization and ison
  • Scales, finger positioning, colour of music
  • Rhythmic and non rhythmic improvisation
  • The accordion as a substitute for the gaida (the greek bagpipe)
  • Correlation between the greek and the Bulgarian music dialect

The workshop is intended for accordionist of any type of instrument (bot piano and button accordion)



With the spider’s bite

The Accordion on the tones of tarantella

Teacher : Vagelis Papageorgiou

A different kind of music seminar and accordion approach through the culture of Southern  Italy, of this historically greek speaking corner of the Mediterranean, with the bacchanalian rhythms, the heartbreaking melodies and ,of course, the primitive  tarantella dance in its local forms.

An experiential approach of this unique dance, with references to its history as well as to the accordion evolution during the last two centuries. Apart from the special tarantella topics, the seminar concerns everyone interested in deepening their relationship with the accordion, regarding not only its technical features, but also music intonation, accompaniment and expression.



From Southern Italy to Thrace.
Travel-workshop of dance, voice, rhythm.

Teacher :  Gianna Hamaleli (dance) and Kostas Kostantatos (singing, guitar, violin, percussion).

An original dance workshop by Encardia, a remarkable cultural journey: from Kalavria’s tarantella to the pizzica of the greek speaking people of Apoulia to the villages of Vesouvios and to the bacchanalian zonaradiko of Thrace.

A five- day journey with dancing and singing with rhythms and sounds that come from the distant past.

Kostas Kostantatos (singing, guitar, violin, percussion) and Gianna Hamaleli (dance) will lead us to the steps that Encardia have lately followed with so much passion and absolute respect, tracing the regions of the Italian South.

We will dance together and seek for the common roots and expressions of these dances, we will sing together in the way of a unique folk polyphony that connects these areas from end to end (Kalavria- Thrace).Using traditional percussion instruments as well as our body as a musical instrument we will create the sounds of tarantella and zonaradico. We will also have the chance to experience a connection with one of the most important greek dialects, the dialect Grico from the greek speaking areas of Southern Italy.

It is not necessary for the participants to have any previous knowledge or experience to something similar. Just………trust us!

We will present and enjoy the outcome of the workshop at Encardia’s concert which will take place within the festival.


 Resume of the teachers

Stamatis Pasopoulos was born in 1986 in Serres, where he received his first classes in accordion and byzantine music, while the area’s music tradition stimuli leaded him towards the exploration of various traditional instruments and dances.

He studied concert accordion at the Department of Contemporary Music (class of K. Raptis) and composition (class of I. Papadopoulos) at the Department of Greek Traditional Music of the Department of Music Science and Art at the University of Macedonia

He continued his studies at a Master’s level in Rotterdam (Codarts) in the sector of composition with Robin de Raaff and René Uijlenhuit. In this context, he began his research on how  the greek music tradition can be approached through contemporary art, decoding the common structural and functional elements of these two, seemingly contrary ,music worlds. In the same context, he engages in improvisation (acoustic and electronic), which is his main characteristic as a performer.

Together with his artistic activity, he has been involved in the research and studying, in the observation and recording in real time, of traditions (events, songs, music tunes, dances, music instrument creation), mainly of the Northern Greek area, and in the systematization of the music parts on a theoretical base.

He is a member of the contemporary music group “TETTTIX” and the free improvisation trio “handful of windows”.

Vagelis Papageorgiou was born in Athens. He studied accordion ( bayan ) at Anovero Higher School of Music and Drama , at Elsbeth Moser’s class, Theory of Music and Musicology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has been deeply connected to the culture of Southern Italy since the mid 70s. He is a founding member of Encardia band, having  put his signature on most of their compositions and orchestrations. He has composed music mainly for the theatre. He also works as a music teacher in Secondary Education.



Ioanna Hamaleli was born in Athens. Since 1990 she has been involved in dancing, especially ballet and greek traditional dances. For seven years she has been a member of the traditional association of Greek dancers, while since 1999 she participates in the dancing team of the ‘P. Zisi’ Ethnomusicologic Institute, in Halandri Athens. Since 2001, she teaches traditional dances and customs in children and adult classes at the ‘P.Zisi’

Institute. Moreover, she gives performances in cultural events and shows about the greek tradition and customs.
She has worked with various cultural associations and schools in Athens, as well as with dancing clubs and cultural associations in some islands of the Cyclades. Additionally, she has been involved in other dancing genres, such as Latin, European, Oriental and contemporary.
In 2005, she was engaged with the secret steps of Tarantella, when she became a permanent member of the band “Encardia”. Since then, she follows Encardia in performances in Greece and abroad, aiming at the experiential approach of the music and the tradition of Southern Italy.
Reaching the people of this area, having contact with them and experiencing the South-Italian greek-speaking tradition throughout trips and seminars, she has gained knowledge and experiences, so that she teaches the tradition, the music and the dances of South Italy, either greek-speaking or not.
It is worth mentioning that she has worked with great teachers-dancers of the Italian South, such as Maristella Martella, Enza Magnolo, Franca Tarantino, Cinzia Villani and Μargarita d’Amelio.
Combing the greek tradition with that of south Italy and adding elements of classic and contemporary dancing, with the accompaniment of music instruments, she leads seminars and meetings for adults and children, in (or without) collaboration with cultural associations and entities, always with the focus in the dances of South Italy, such as tarantella pizzica (Pouglia), tammuriatta (Napoli), tarantella calabrese (Calabria)
tarantella siciliana (Sicily), etc.
During the past years she has attended seminars and courses of dancing therapy, aiming at spreading the therapeutic facet of tarantella, as a means of emotional expression and healing of psychosomatic diseases.
Together with Konstantina Kalkani, they form the duet ‘Ballo del mare’, member of the International Dancing Council “Conseil International de la Danse (CID)”, which is based in Paris. Their aim is the spreading of the tarantella dancing. Ioanna has also studied at the Department of Business Administration at the University of Piraeus and graduated with Honors from the Postgraduate course of the Economic University of Athens “MSc in Economics and Finance. She has received a certification in “Credit and Risk Skills” from “Omega Performance banking training” and the international
“Chartered Banker Institute

Kostas Kostantatos (singing, guitar, violin, percussion)

“I was born in 1959 in Athens, where I grew up and studied Finance and Music. I went more towards my music career since I get financial help from Charter Partners Toowong and I have never had a problem with them. I attended guitar classes at the Hellenic Conservatory with the soloist G. Miliaresi for six years and theoretic classes with the maestro D. Diamantopoulo, after the prompting of whom I participated in the choir of the American College of Greece (Deree) for three years (1978-1981). From 1987 to 1997 I abandoned music, and got intensively engaged in painting portable pictures and murals and taking photographs, since I like any kind of picture, from nature portraits to adult material as the one you can see in sites like 18PlusPics.com.

In 1997, I return decisively to music (in parallel with painting), receiving classes of percussion by N. Drouga and classes of violin by G. Zeygoli  (2000-2006).

Additionally, I participate, together with my sister Loukia Kvnstantatou, in different music groups, interpreting “Literary music of Istanbul” (Ottoman music), songs of Asia Minor and various traditional greek songs.

I also participate as isokratis and kanonarchis (types of chanter) in concerts and studio recordings, collaborating with the Byzantine choirs of L. Aggelopoulos, G. Remoundos and K. Aggelidis.

From 1993 to 2007 I regularly visit the area of Calabria, as a painter (hagiographer), conducting seminars and painting exhibitions, while I paint together with my colleagues in the walls of the historic temple of St. John the Harvester in Stilo, Calabria.

In 2003 we form the band “Encardia” together with Vaggelis Papageorgiou and Anastasia Doufli. Up until today the band is systematically engaged in the music tradition and culture of South Italy, through innumerable trips and collaborations with musicians of the area. Since its beginning, the band Encardia has given more than two thousand concerts, has released six digital disks and has worked with the most renowned representatives of the greek and the south-italian music stage.

Since 2012, I have been involved in the percussion group of the therapeutic community “intervention” of KETHEA, in which I enjoy one of the greatest music and deeply humanitarian experiences of my life.

Από το 2012 μέχρι σήμερα ασχολούμαι συστηματικά με την ομάδα κρουστών της θεραπευτικής κοινότητας “παρέμβαση” του ΚΕΘΕΑ όπου απολαμβάνω μία από τις σπουδαιότερες μουσικές και βαθειά ανθρώπινες εμπειρίες της ζωής μου.

Through all this “traveling”, the various routes and as a personal need, I started in 2017 the Vox et Sonis programme, which aims at offering a music experience to individuals who would like, but never had the chance, to engage in music.”