The shutters will remain closed in 2020!

Dear friends,

By the time we had completed the program and were ready to announce it to continue our preparations, the pandemic had taken hold. We consulted, we speculated, we worried, we hoped and we waited to see how the situation would evolve. But because time is running out and the imperatives of the organization are pressing, we have decided to cancel this year’s 9th Syros Accordion Festival 2020. Even if the concerts should be allowed at the end of July, it would not be the festival we know, love and look forward to as every year, with those accordions hugging for a week, filling Syros with music!

Our hearts go out to support the musicians, artists and technicians who work for music and art, for our mental and emotional well-being and for beauty and freedom and who are currently fighting for their rights and their raison d’être during this strange time.

Let us remain united, strong and optimistic! We wish you a good summer with music in freedom and may this episode be just a bad dream.

We are confident that in the face of this particular and complex situation, we will try to relax and reorganize ourselves to be full of energy and ideas in order to prepare ourselves for the celebration of the 10th Syros Accordion Festival, by renewing our appointment of 2021.

During this time, we will have the memories and joys that we have shared with you all these years!

Thank you very much for your support and for your understanding !!!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. and above all … keep playing !!!

Christelle Loukitch & Candia Prindezi