2018: a first step towards environmentally friendly event with Reusable and Ecological Cup

Whether recyclable or not, the traditional throwable cup represents the largest source of waste of an event. Abandoned anywhere by its users, it represents a significant time and cost of cleaning.

The custom reusable cup brings real sustainable and economic solution to this problem. Once your cup set-up system in place, the place of your event stay clean while raising awareness to visitors the importance of your ecological approach.



How to use the reusable cup?

We have looked for a company concerned about our approach. We have found our partner ESPRIT PLANETE in France, one of the leading countries for reusable cups (with Germany).

The most ESPRIT PLANETE: the seaweed blend cups (a mixture of plastic and seaweed derivatives), a technical breakthrough, which allows us to further reduce our carbon footprint.

The seaweed blend, what is it?

The algae used are brown algae, fast growing aquatic plants whose culture off St Malo (France) is respectful of the environment.

These brown algae grow in hatchery for several weeks then we put them on the sea on large ropes and held on the surface by buoys, where they can develop with photosynthesis: thus, they capture CO² that they transform into sugars to grow and only release oxygen at sea, promoting the marine ecosystem.

The cultivation of these algae respects biodiversity because it requires neither fertilizer nor pesticide. These brown algae constitute an inexhaustible source, natural and renewable!