Review 2018

In Greece, the accordion has a rich and authentic repertoire, a passionate audience and internationally renowned artists-musicians.

There was supposed to be a festival dedicated to this instrument.

It is done in Syros with a Festival organized voluntarily by amateur musicians, for 7 years.

In few words,  

  • Created in 2012, organized by a team of volunteer musicians
  • The first Accordion Festival of Greece
  • Located in the heart of the Cyclades on the island of Syros, Prefecture Aegean South
  • 6 days in high season summer
  • Annual event for professionals and amateurs of all ages, with workshops, concerts, events and workshops, exhibitions and conferences
  • All musical styles are represented: traditional, popular, rock, classical, contemporary, etc.
  • 6 events = 6 locations on the island chosen according to performance

In a few figures,

Number of participants

Percentage of participants who came:

Programme 2018,

Some moments in video :

ZAKOUSKA (20/08/18)

BABO KORO (21/12/18)

GLENDOTOUR (23/08/18)

ENCARDIA (24/08/18)








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