Festival 2016



1 – 6 August 2016  


The Syros Accordion Festival provides us with the opportunity to explore of the roots of accordion and its routes through the time, as well as the influences it received from the traditional music of the East to the contemporary rhythms of the West.

Every day, for a whole week, there are seminars, expositions, workshops and lectures, in which children, students, artists, music teachers, professional or amateur accordionists and other musicians of any age and level of knowledge and skills can participate. Additionally, various concerts are organised through which the manifold potentials of the accordion are presented.

Furthermore, there will be concerts in five different spots of the island :


  • A music and dance event hosted by the Educational and Cultural Association of Finikas – Syros.
  • Leon the accordion is an interactive tale that will take us away, through its melodies and dramatic play.
    Anna Rakoviti: Animator
    Panagiotis Zafeiriou: Accordion


The Accordionists of Syros, invite musicians to come and play in an open musical stage. 

21:00 ‘Rebetiko “The accordion in Greek music – Conversation with Antonis Amiralis” 

  • Iraklis Vavatsikas.
    Kostas Kalafatis accompanies on guitar and vocals.


The performance is based on the early period of the Rebetiko era (1920 1932).


21:00 BAiLdSA 

The Balkan sound and gypsy melodies with a punk infuence, creates such a unique tempo that you will be unable to ‘keep your feet on the ground’.

  • Giannis Vamvakas (accordion)
  • Giannis Goudanos (drums)
  • Thanos Goudanos (guitar, vocals)
  • Manolis Tsiaousis (trombone)
  • Giannis Ioannidis (bass)
  • Dimitris Havlidis (trumpet)

19:00 “The accordionists play in Ermoupolis”

Throughout the streets of Ermoupolis, small groups of accordionists, play music and present their seminar work, along with their teachers.

21:00 “….and Gioconda smiles again” Qua’SH, the quartet of senses and….delusions

  • Konstantinos Raptis (Bayan)
  • Theodoros Kotepanos (Piano)
  • Panos Dimitrakopoulos (Qanun)
  • Giorgos Arnis (Double bass)




Konstantinos Raptis

“Piazzolla for everybody”

Dimos Vougioukas

“Seminar in Balkan Music for accordion and instrumental ensembles”



Konstatinos Raptis

Konstantinos Raptis was born in Ioannina/ Greece. He received his first musical lessons at the age of seven and studied piano (N.Michailidou), musical theory (J.Papadatos) and musicology at the University of Athens. Since 1995 he was leaving in Germany where he has studied accordion at the State Academy of Music in Hannover with Prof. Elsbeth Moser. In the course of his studies Konstantinos Raptis has been the recipient of

scholarships by the “Alexander S. Onassis” and the “I. Michelis” Foundations, and he has also been awarded numerous prizes in international competitions.

Konstantinos Raptis has already given many concerts in European countries as a soloist and with ensembles, and has performed with orchestras such as the Academia Santa Cecilia, the Orchestra of the State Opera “Unter den Linden” Berlin, the Ensemble Modern, the NDR Hamburg and Hannover and many others.

He works with several composers, and has already recorded for ECM and Arkys.

His activities reach from transcriptions of Rennaisance music for the accordion, free improvisation and musical theater, to performing Tango as a bandoneon player.

Konstantinos Raptis is Assistant Professor for Accordion at the University of Makedonia in Thessaloniki.


Dimos Vougioukas

Dimos Vougioukas was born in Volos- Greece in 1982. He began his musical studies with the accordion at the age of 11 at the municipal conservatory of Volos from where he graduated with honors.In May of 2005 he received 2nd place at the First Greek Accordion Competition.

He has as collaborated with well known Balkan artists such as Petar Ralchev, Ionica Minune, Nedyalko Nedyalkov, Roby Lakatos,Tcha Limberger e.t.c . He has as collaborated with well known Greek artists such as Agathonas Iakovidis (Rebetiko style), Nena Venetsanou, Babis Tsertos, Petros Gaitanos, George Dalaras, Pandelis Thalassinos,Glykeria e.t.c. He is a founding member and soloist in “Estoudiantina” Orchestra and does many of the orchestras arrangements. Since 1996 he is a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Volos playing as a soloist on the accordion as well as working on many of the Philharmonics orchestrations.

He has participated in festivals in Castelfidardo-Italy.

He has taught at workshops in Music-village (Greece) and AKDT (Belgium) the Balkan and the Greek style on the accordion.
His career includes many concerts in Greece and world wide (Switzerland, Cyprus, Italia, Oukrainia, Belgium, U.K., Germany, Portugal, N.York, Turkey, Australia, Bulgaria, Roumania, Sweden, Norway e.t.c.). He has participated in many recordings as well as television and radio shows. His first personal recording is called “Voices of the Wind” (2008) by UNIVERSAL MUSIC.

Iraklis Vavatsikas

Iraklis Vavatsikas was born and raised in Thessaloniki. He took his first accordion lessons in 1978 with Vassilis Tsimitsiadis and in 1982 he continued his studies and graduated with excellent grades from Kostas Aroutzidis’ class in the “New Music School of Thessaloniki” in 1992. In 1993 he started playing the Bayan (Classical Accordion) and took lessons from Viatseslav Semionov (Russia). At the same time he has been working on Greek Folk Music and has composed, orchestrated and played in over 300 discs, cooperating with great Greek musicians and composers. From 1995 to 1996 he becomes a member of the National Orchestra of Greek Music and starts creating educational composes for classical accordion, based on the Greek musical tradition. Thus, the “Light Blue Book” which includes rearranged folk pieces, but also 21 studies, a Toccata (prototype pieces) in classical style and tens of adaptations of classical works. He has also created prototype music groups such as “For voice and accordion” (2000) and “Smyrni – Buenos Aires” (2008). Since 2008 he has been working on the revival of an extinct musical instrument which was used in Greece until 1940, “Armonika”. He has been playing Tango with the Argentinean diatonic instrument Bandoneon, as it is the closest instrument to Armonika. He also has been teaching the accordion and the bayan in “Filippos Nakas” Music School. 
Discography: “Boat Heart” with Kostas Pavlidis (1994), “Tell me, soul” with Morfo Tsaireli (1999), “For voice and accordion” with Morfo Tsaireli, “New land” of Dimitris Tsekouras (2001), “Color” with Eleni Tsaligopoulou (2004), “The key” with Manolis Lidakis (2004), “The heart of the Beast” Soundtrack of Renos Haralabidis’ movie (2005). ..”La Nonna” Soundtrack Play 2012/2013

Every day, for a whole week



Panagiotis Zafiriou-PanAccordeon with the instrument exhibition and the maintenance workshop, every day for the whole week of the Festival.