Festival 2015

The Festival 2015

The major aim of the 4th Syros Accordion Festival, in July of 2015 is to maintain its high music quality and to broaden even more its very good reputation. Towards this direction we plan:


20:30 POSIDONIA – Villa Tsiropina

Festival opening with the Syros Accordion Group, Georgia Matsouka Lalou and the artists of the OPEN ART STUDIOS.


·          21:00 Finikas – Concert of Young Artists / Free entrance

Μusic school of Posidonia  &  Μusic school of Ilion (Athens)

Supported by : Cultural Association “Finikas Syros”, Association of Entrepreneurs of Finikas and local community of Finikas. 


21:30 Galissas – Open stage / Free entrance

All musicians are invited to play with the accordionists.

Supported by : Cultural Association of Galissas, Local Community of Galissas, Marine Club of Galissas


21:00 Hermoupolis – St. Nicholas Church / Free entrance  

DUO GOLIARDI, Κ. Raptis (concert accordion), D. Κountouras (recorder)   With that particular combination of instruments, without any precedent at all, the duo is approaching a wide range of repertoire from the music of Guillaume de Machaut up to contemporary music and from historical 16th century tarantelas to Bach ‘s organ music.


21:30  Finikas – Open stage / Free entrance

All musicians are invited to play with the accordionists.

Supported by : Cultural Association “Finikas Syros”, Association of Entrepreneurs of Finikas and Local Community of Finikas


20:30  Hermoupolis

Performance at the pedestrian area Evening musical presentation for the end of the seminars

Supported by : Αssociation of Professionals and Εntrepreneurs of the Ηistoric Centre of Hermoupolis “Hermes”


21:00  Posidonia, Villa Tsiropina – Entrance €5

Dance evening by SazmaN Orkestar

SazmaN Orkestar take us by the hand and travel us to the Balkans. From Serbia to Bulgaria, Romania to Turkey and back again to Greece, like the gypsies caravans. A dynamic string ensemble and percussion, surrounded by female and male vocals, a combination Gypsy and Balkan melodies and rhythms. Transform easily the concert to festivity and festivity to concert.



Υou must bring your accordion. Seminar registration includes free access to all festival concerts

Individual classes by the teacher Konstantinos Raptis

“The accordion speaks”

  • Duration : 4 individual classes, 45’ per student,  from 13/07 until 18/07/2015
  • Number of participants: 8 maximum (for all levels)
  • Class description: Open individual classes on participants’ music materials

Workshop for young people and beginners by the teacher Stamatis Pasopoulos

“The accordion and the Greek music tradition”

    • Duration : 2 hours/day, 5 days, from 13 to 18 July 2015
    • Class description: Which is the relationship between the accordion and the greek music tradition? How did the accordion manage to substitute the former instruments? Is it, indeed, a contemporary type of bagpipe, and if so, how? What kind of new options did it bring regarding the timbre and the technical potentials? Under which circumstances does it become a “traditional instrument”? How can we manage in a functional way the influences of other kinds of music?Since the above questions presuppose an initial ‘experience’ in order to lead to the desirable results, this workshop will be experiential. Through exploration (starting even from zero) the participants will receive a variety of stimuli so that they understand the function and the contemporary potentials of the accordion inside the “Greek music tradition”. In this seminar, accordionists of all music levels and types can coexist and work together as a team. Each one will retain his own music characteristics, but will work all together towards a common goal: the music exploration through the accordion.

For advanced accordionists by the teacher Thanos Stavridis

“The accordion technique in the Balkans: a first approach”

    • Duration : 3 hours/day, 5 days, from 13 to 18 July 2015
    • Class description: The participants will explore the ways the accordion is played both as unaccompanied and as accompanied instrument in Bulgaria, Skopia, Serbia and Romania. They will also look at some of each area’s distinctive pieces and will try to approach the techniques and philosophy that underpin the playing of the accordion in those areas. Ornaments, phraseology, harmonic and rhythmic accompaniment

For advanced accordionists by the teacher Giorgos Tsiatsoulis

“Jazz initiation”

  • Duration : 3 hours/day, 5 days, from 13 to 18 July 2015
  • Class description:Many of us might have felt charmed by the sound and the aesthetic of the jazzmusic. Others might have travelled mentally in places of melancholy and nostalgia or in places of joy, places of a different time, or a different version of our time. However, the mechanisms of the jazz music remain still unknown to the majority of us.In the seminar “Introduction to jazz music” we will try to decode and analyze the structures of the jazz music, starting from its very beginning (the swing period) and we will try to point out differences and similarities with the Greek music of the same period of time (folk-rebetiko). Throughout comparative analyses of famous songs driven from both these music styles, and using as atool elements of the classic theory and harmony, we will try to “unlock” these mechanisms. Additionally, in the music workshops that will follow, we will have the chance toorchestrate the piecces that will be analysed, discovering the role of the accordion in the jazz music, and focusing on the most fundamental and creative aspect of the jazz music, which is the improvisation.

Exhibition & Workshop

Villa Tsiropina

  • Exhibition of Musical Instruments and Art Exhibition by the artists of OPEN ART STUDIOS
  • Repair and maintenance workshop. 10.00 – 14.00 & 18.00 – 20.00

Ιnformation: Panayotis Zafeiriou +30 6944760580 www.panaccordeon.gr

Children’s Day

·         10:30-12:30 Posidonia – Saint Paul Mansion /  Free entrance

Morning workshop for children : “All together we make a huge accordion”. Registration and information : Elpida Rigoutsou tel: 6937310155


For concerts…

Duo Goliardi
  • Dimitris Kountouras, recorder
  • Konstantinos Raptis, concert accordion (bajan)

The greek duo was founded in 2003 from the recorder player Dimitris Kountouras and the accordionist Konstantinos Raptis. With that particular combination of instruments, without any precedent at all, the duo is approaching a wide range of repertoire from the music of Guillaume de Machaut up to contemporary music and from historical 16th century tarantelas to Bach ‘s organ music. The aim of the duo is on the one hand to express earlier music through a different sound perspective always faithful to the musical text and spirit (obviously with different instrumentation) and on the other hand to provide new repertoire for that combination. The Duo Goliardi has collaborated with important composers of the younger generation and premered many pieces especially written for it. Until now the Duo appeared successfully in many concerts in Vienna, Hannover, Athens, Thessaloniki, Riga (7th International Bach Festival of Latvia) etc. 

SaZmaN Orkestar

was formed on 2009 in Patras, Greece. Through reformations and redefinitions of their sound, Sazman were and still remain an open musical ensemble. Their music is inspired by the traditions of the Balkan people and by modern musical compositions, processed by the heterogeneous aesthetic filters of each of the Orkestar’s members. Their live performances, echoing the Balkans and smelling of the East, with swinging touches and rock outbursts, balance between concerts and traditional fiestas. Sazman Orkestar has performed live in various stages around Greece (Athens, Patras, Ikaria, Trikala, Lefkada, etc.) and various music festivals (Forest Sounds, Ark Festival Patras, Trip Festival Lesvos, e.t.c.). Sazman have also participated in political festivals, multicultural festivals and social acts.

SaZmaN are:
  • Nina Karamolegkou (vocals)
  • Kostas Tsarouchis (vocals, doublebass)
  • Dimitris Anastasiou (violin)
  • Kostas Nikolopoulos (accordion)
  • Chirstina Kouki (santur)
  • Sotiris Tsakanikas (guitars)
  • Giannis Tsentouros (percussion)

For seminars…


Konstantinos Raptis has studied at the State Academy of Music in Hannover with Prof. Elsbeth Moser. He has performed in many European countries as a soloist as well as with ensembles of chamber music. He has also performed with orchestras such as the Academia Santa Cecilia, the Orchestra of the State Opera “Unter den Linden” Berlin, the NDR Hamburg and Hannover, the Kamerata of Athens and the “Patras Soloists”. His artistic activity extends from performances of contemporary music to tango and free improvisations. Since 2005 he has been teaching accordion classes at the Department of Music Science and Art, at the University of Macedonia in Greece.


Stamatis Pasopoulos was born in Serres. In 2011 he graduated from the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia, following the division “Poetics”, i.e, composition of traditional music, supervised by Prof. Elias Papadopoulos. At the same time he studied the concert accordion in the class of Prof. Konstantinos Raptis. His origin as well as his primary research interests outline a strong influence in his compositions by the musical traditions of northern Greece. Stamatis has attended seminars and masterclasses with P. Ralchev, Ross Daly, D. Vougioukas and G. Hatzinikos. He is a founding member of the bands Motel Selenik and raDYOfono and he has been frequently collaborating with Kostas Theodorou https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhO27khZImU. He has received honors in several national accordion competitions. Currently, he is currently teaching the accordion at the Municipal Conservatories of Polichni and Thermi.


Address: Iraklio-Lagadas, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • EDUCATION : Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Fine Arts, School of Music Studies: Degree with major in ethnic musicology – Diploma in Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue – Diploma in Saxophone
  • WORK : Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Department of Traditional Music: Professor of Accordion since 2010. Founding member of the music bands “Voreioi Etairoi” & “Cabaret Balkan”. Founder of the choir of the Cultural Association of Lagadas and director since 1999. Participation in instrumentations of disks : “Kala to len gia to feggari” of G. Kalogirou (2009),“Agapi s’ agapao” of Ch. Stamoulis (2010), “Ti leei i alepou” of E. Reboutsika (2014). Participation in various theatre plays : “Cyrano de Bergerac” of E. Rostand, director: G. Kakleas, music: E. Reboutsika (2014), National Theatre of NorthernGreece: “Seven rational answers” of L. Prousalidis, director: P. Zivanos, music: G. Hougos, National Theatre of NorthernGreece: “Vakhes” of Euripides, director: T. Rantzos, music: K. Vomvolos, National Theatre of NorthernGreece: “The seagull” of A. Chekhov, director: P. Zivanos, music: G. Hougos. Participation in soundtracks : “URANYA” of K. Kapakas, music of P. Kalatzopoulos, “ULAK” of C. Irmak, music of E. Reboutsika, “Magic Hour” of K. Kapakas, music of P. Kalatzopoulos. Participation in discography :“Ena taxidi stin Lilipoupoli” of A. Protopsalti (2013), “Nero sta matia mou” of N. Samaras (2013). “Music from the Mediterranean” of the University of Cyprus (2013). “To adio domatio” of S. Malamas (2014) “Ti leei i alepou” of E. Reboutsika (2014), “Thea Paradisou” of A. Protopsalti (2014).

George Tsiatsoulis was born in Athens on 16 May 1975. He plays accordion from the age of eight years. He began studying classical music, while showing strong interest for both the jazz and Greek folk music tradition and for the musical traditions of other countries. Finish the course of taking the accordion and the corresponding qualification in 1994, while studying piano and harmony. The completion of the theoretical study came in 1998 with the graduation Harmony. Since 1995 works as a professional musician in many small and large venues with live music, and a recording level, collaborating with many known and unknown artists, two of which are Pantelis Thalassinos and Stavros Xarchakos.

In 2006 he created a quartet GoJam Group Greek music jazz, which was and is the main site of the artistic expression of concerns, which made his first official appearance in the Greek discography in May 2009 with an album, which includes original compositions of the same, a majority proportion but also the other members of the group. Since 2009 is an official member of Gadjo Dilo with whom he recorded their first album titled “Manouche de Grec”, including remixes of songs adapted to the Greek style of gypsy jazz, and personal compositions of the band members.


She was born in Hermoupolis on Syros island, Greece. She studied the accordion at the HellenicMusicSchool, as a student of Panagiotis Chalaris. She studied the piano at the AttikonMusicSchool with professor Ioannis Christofilos and she has graduated in harmony. She continued her studies at the Skalkota Music School with professor Nikos Ntrelas and received her certificate in counterpoint. Additionally, she took accordion lessons while having teacher the accordionist soloist Iraklis Vavatsikas. She has been playing this instrument since she was 13 years old, and she has been directing the two choirs of Syros for the last 10 years. In 2012 she organised the First Accordion Festival of Syros Island and she was the inspirer and instigator of the Syros Accordion Group. Since 2013 she is running her own music studio in Syros, where students from 4 to 55 years old are taught various music instruments. She teaches piano, accordion, lessons in advanced theory. She also tutors students who are interested in attending music studies at University.