Festival 2014

The Festival 2014

Music and Dance is the theme of Festival 2014 and we explore the diversity of accordion music with dance.

5 Concerts at different island venues

25/08/ 2014 – 21:00 

The children participate in their own concert with title “children play keys” with the music school of Syros “the trehadiraki” and the New Conservatory of Ptolemaidis, School of Finikas village, free admission

26/08/2014 – 21:00 – Experimental evening 

Classic music from the young and talented M. Dafka (16 years old). Contemporary music and dance in the performance “Cool Memory, homage to Jean Baudrillard” by C. Jacomucci(Accordion) and K. Delaney (Dance).With the support of the accordion company “Pigini”. Hermoupolis, Apollo Theatre – € 8,00

27/08/14 – 21:30, 22:15, 23:00 Contemporary music-dance performance 

8 accordionists and 8 dancers participate in “Tensegrity”, a contemporary performance of 20 minutes. Composition by Claudio Jacomucci and choreography by Kathleen Delaney. Poseidonia school

28/08/2014 – 21:00 Romantic evening

An accordion concert with Argentine Tango sound with the TANGartO Quintet Lefteris Grivas (Bandoneon), Thomas Kontogeorgis (piano), George Panagiotopoulos (violin), Aristides Chatzistavrou (guitar) George Arnis (contrabass), accompanied by the professional dance group El Beso, Μaria Anastasaki & Αndreas Pavlopoulos (El Beso dance group) Hermoupolis, Apollo Theatre –  € 7,00

29/08/14 – 21:00 – Dance evening 

Closure of the Festival with a big outdoor event where all visitors will have a chance to dance and have fun. Melodies played by the Syros Accordion Group as well as the swing group “Gadjo Dilo“. Bar and food stand open at 19.30, where they prepare the food using the best utensils from https://www.all-knives.orgTsiropinas Mansion- € 5,00



“Alexander Technique”

Teacher :Stelios Katsatsidis Duration :10 hours

  • 2h x 5 days (25-29/08)
  • Hours : 9:00 -11:00 group lesson / 12:00 -13:30  Individual Classes
  • One individual class 40’ per student

Number of participants : 10 open to all levels Class schedule : The process of Alexander Technique as a way of re-education of the use of the self creates in the individual new conditions in order to increase the awareness about the patterns of reaction and attitude. This awareness enables habits to become less habitual and more under conscious control. Through the workshops and the private lessons, students of any age and activity are going to be familiar with the principles of the Alexander Technique. Following and applying in daily life these principles we develop new means to work in ourselves in  any kind of stimuli, physical-mental-emotional. Alexander Technique is part of the basic curriculum in many Music and ArtAcademies around the world.

“The accordion in the music tradition of North Greece”

Teacher : Stamatis Pasopoulos Duration : 18 hours, 26 to 29 August 2014 (10:00-13:00 & 17:00-19:00 , the 29/8 only morning) Number of participants : 15 Information : The seminar focuses on the way that the accordion is integrated and used in the geographical areas of Thrace and Macedonia (Greece). Main studying axes will include :

  • rhythm analysis and backing techniques,
  • style element,
  • The connection between music and dance.

The aim of the seminar is to designate old and new forms of expression of that specific type of music through the accordion. Details : Anyone can attend this seminar (regardless of level) on condition that they have some basic knowledge of music notation, as well as of the way that the accordion is played. The seminar will be held in a group basis, however individual supervision and guidance will be provided. It will terminate with a small performance of some of the pieces.

“Accordion master class : Accordion between tradition and innovation: pedagogies, techniques and repertoire”

Teacher : Claudio Jacomucci Duration :15 hours. Morning classes, 9:30 -13:30 with pause. Places : 4 (+ 8 free-bass accordionists from the Seminars 5). All accordionists may participate, not only free-bass. Only for playing Tensegrity is requested the free-bass, bayan-like instrument features. Auditors may of course attend the lessons. Class schedule :

  • Individual lessons on the Interpretation of works from student’s repertoire
  • group lesson about accordion technique
  • Alexander Technique application.

Lecture about “Modern Accordion Perspectives”. Ensemble music are also welcome (duet, trio or bigger).

“Accordion master class”  + preparation and rehearsals of “IN G”, accordionists and dancers will take part on a public performance on 27/8 in Syros”

Teacher : Claudio Jacomucci Duration : 26 hours. Everyday from 24 to 28 August 2014. Morning Lessons  9:30 -13:30 with pause (with seminar 4), and Afternoon Lessons 3 hours preparation and rehearsals of “IN G”, for accordionists and dancers with Kathleen Delaney and Claudio Jacomucci (17:00-20:00 till the 27/8). Number of participants : accordionists (all type of accordion). If interested please send your cv and a video link to info@claudiojacomucci.com. Auditors (passive students) are allowed (no limits). IN G (2014) for accordion ensemble, electro-acoustic support and dancers IN G was composed in June 2014 for the 100th Anniversary of Gino Pigini’s birth, a pioneering accordion maker who has brought to light the famous italian accordion factory “Pigini Accordions”.  Very much like the well-known composition “IN C” by Terry Riley, the pieces are built with short repeated structures, which  – in this case – are taken from famous works for classical accordion (Lundquist, Zolotaryov, Norgaard, Schmidt, Semionov, Kusyakov and others). Music, spatial sound -mapping Claudio Jacomucci choreographic score Kathleen Delaney


“Summer Dance Studio : Floor Work, Release & Alexander Technique”

Teacher :Kathleen Delaney Duration : 15 hours. Morning classes 9:30 -13:30 with pause Number of participants : 12 (+ 8 dancers from Seminars 7) – open to all levels “In this workshop, we will work together on a simple warm up, to find grounding, stability and flexibility to move on to dancing sequences of movement. We will work on movements on the floor, up to standing, spiralling and jumping, exploring some more poetic or acrobatic movements. Through those phrases, off the ground to standing, we’ll be working on joint mobility, rhythm and dynamics of movement. Expression, relation and freedom to move will be our constant guide to finding ourselves in the dance!”

Seminars “Contemporary Dance and Music Summer Studio with accordionists.” Preparation and rehearsals of “IN G”  accordionists and dancers will take part on a Public performance the 27/8 in Syros.

Teacher : Kathleen Delaney Duration : 26 hours. Every day from 24 to 27 August 2014. Morning Lessons of seminar 6, 9:30 -13:30 with pause and afternoon Lessons,  a music and Dance Workshop with the accordionists of Claudio Jacomucci during the afternoon 3 hours (17:00 – 20:00 till the 27/8) Places :  8  advanced students. If interested please send your cv and a video link to ocra@kathleendelaney.org. IN G (2014) for accordion ensemble, electro-acoustic support and dancers

“IN G” was composed in June 2014 for the 100th Anniversary of Gino Pigini’s birth, a pioneering accordion maker who has brought to light the famous italian accordion factory “Pigini Accordions”.

Very much like the well-known composition “IN C” by Terry Riley, the pieces are built with short repeated structures, which  – in this case – are taken from famous works for classical accordion (Lundquist, Zolotaryov, Norgaard, Schmidt, Semionov, Kusyakov and others). “IN G” is a dance and music performance based on the interaction between dancers and musicians. Final presentation of the piece during the Accordion Festival in Syros

Exhibition & Workshop

Repair and maintenance workshop by P. Zafiriou (‘Panaccordion’)

Children’s Day

25/08/ 2014 – 11.00-13.00 Workshop for children – Posidonia, free admission Workshop where children can have a opportunity to explore the accordion through games and video games using strong GPUs, movies, discussion with professionals (25 children). Information and registration: Ms Elpida Rigoutsou 0030 6937310155



CLAUDIO JACOMUCCI (seminars 4 & 5)

ClaudioJacomucciClaudio Jacomucci, classical accordionist, composer and Alexander Technique teacher.

He graduated with honors from Grenoble Conservatory (France) in 1992. Winner of international contests such as Grand Prix International d’Accordéon in St. Etienne (1988), Trofeo Mundial de acordeón (C.M.A.) in Cuenca (1990), Premio Città di Castelfidardo (1990) and Arrasate Hiria (1994).

He has cooperated with composers such as Berio, Donatoni, Kurtag, De Pablo, and performed in many festivals and institutions such as Cornell University (USA), Berlin Philharmonic, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Salle Messiaen in Paris, Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Gaudeamus Foundation in Amsterdam, Teatro Carlo Feilce in Genova, Sala Chavez in Mexico City.

He is the founder and teacher of the ItalianAccordionAcademy in Urbino and he holds masterclasses all over the world: Paris Conservatory of Music, Royal Academy of Music of London, Conservatory in Barcelona, SibeliusAcademy in Helsinki, Royal Academy of Music of Copenhagen, Tianjin’s Conservatory (China), Conservatorio “S.Cecilia” in Rome.

His recent publications are Mastering Accordion Technique, a book written together with Kathleen Delaney and Modern Accordion Perspectives a collective book he has edited coordinating an international expert panel of the leading classical accordionists in Europe.


KATHLEEN DELANAY (seminars 6 & 7)

KatDelanayShe trained in Release Technique (Trisha Brown Dance Co, NY) and Alexander Technique (ATCA Amsterdam, NL; graduated in 2009) and she graduated with honours at D.a.m.s. at the University of Bologna, Italy.

She has been dancing and teaching all over Europe and Russia for festivals and institutions such as Biennale di Venezia (Italy) Màntica, Societas Raffaello Sanzio (Italy) Angelica Festival Internazionale di Musica, Bologna, (Italy) Odin Teatret, Holstebro (Denmark) Festival de Danse Antilope, La Chaux des Fondes (Swiss) The Art of Movement, Yaroslavl (Russia) Philarmonic Hall Samara (Russia) Academy of Music, Krakow (Poland) Lofts, Vilnius (Lithuania) Festival des Artes Electroacoustiques Synthèse, Bourges (France); Middlesex University, London (UK) SNDO, Amstedam (Nederlands) Academy of Dance in Vilnius (Lithuania) Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (Finland) to name a few.

In 2009 she was finalist at Palio Ermo Colle in Parma, Italy and in 2013 at the Performance Art Award at Teatro Libero, Palermo (Italy).

In 2011 she was in residence at the InternationalChoreographicArtsCenter in Amsterdam, led by Emio Greco and P. Scholten for the dance and technologies project Beyond.

She has collaborated with several choreographers, musicians and composers such as Tristan Honsinger, Yuval Avital, Mario Pagliarani, Marco Capelli, Virgilio Sieni,  Weijke Koopmans, a.o.

She is Movement Awareness teacher at the Conservatory of Bolzano/ Bozen in Italy.



Stelios photoStelios Katsatsidis  is a certified  Alexander Technique teacher and  musician.

He studied accordion for many years with Iraklis Vavatsikas at Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

He worked as a musician with many artists like  C. Leontis, D. Galani, V. Dimitriou, G. Haroulis, S. Yannatou, E. Tsaligopoulou, G. Ploutarxos and others.

In 2007 he started in Athens  private regular lessons in Alexander Technique for 4 years with Viki Panayiotaki.

In April 2011 he began training to become an  A.T. Teacher in London with Peter and Eleanor Ribeaux at the “Center for the Alexander Technique” and qualified in April 2014.

During his studies he has attended private lessons and workshops with Ted Macnamara, Noam Renen, Mitsi Pippa, Avi Granit, Alex Farkas, Ted Dimon, Dan Armon, Pedro de Alcantara, Peter Ribeaux.

He is a member of STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique).

At present he works in London and  Athens as a musician and  Alexander Technique teacher.


PasopoulosStamatis Pasopoulos was born in Serres, Greece. He has studied greek traditional music as well as accordion at the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia, Greece.

He has worked as an accordion teacher at the Municipal Music School of Thermi (Greece). He has attended various seminars (such as “The interpretation of J. Haydn’s music” with G. Chatzinikos, “Traditional and contemporary techniques in Balcan music” with P. Ralchev) and international festivals (France, Spain, Austria, Egypt, etc.). He won the first award in national accordion competitions (2007, 2009, 2012). He is a founding member of the group Motel Selenik (http://www.motelselenik.com/) and has created various music pieces.

He has participated in several international festivals (France, Egypt, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, etc.) and seminars, and has won first prize in national accordion competitions (2007, 2009, 2012).


OrchestrePto 2010The accordion children orchestra was created in 2006 after the initiative of Professor Alexander Tchuev. It is consisted of the MunicipalMusicSchool’s students in Kozani, Grevena and Ptolemaida. In 2007 and in 2009 the orchestra won the first award in national accordion competition in Kozani (Greece). It has also won the first award in an international competition in Kozani (2010) and another in Ptolemaida (2012). The majority of the orchestra’s members now are students of the New Music School of Ptolemaida, which has been hosting the orchestra since summer 2013. Professor Alexander Tchuev has been directing the orchestra since its very beginning.


Alexander Tchuev was born in Mariupol of Ucraine. In 1996 he graduated from the State Music School of Mariupol and in 2000 from the National Music Academy of Ukraine (Kiev) receiving his certificate as a soloist and professor. As a soloist he has won distinctions in various competitions in Ukraine as well as first awards in the international competition “Citta di Atri” and “Premio di Montese” (Italy). From 2000 to 2013 he had been teaching the accordion in many Music Schools of Western Macedonia and 10 of his students have won prizes in various international contests (Italy, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece). Among them are Maria Daftka, Christos Kalaitzopoulos, Dimitris Mpisiris. Apart from teaching, Alexander Tchuev also performs in recitals and organises national and international competitions in Kozani and Ptolemaida. He has also represented Greece in the juries of the international contests “Star Ways” (Serbia, 2005), “Premio di Montese” (Italy, 2007), “Mladi Virtuosi” (Bulgaria, 2009), “International Competition Donetsk” (Ukraine, 2011). In 2013 he founded the New Music School of Ptolemaida, in which he teaches the accordion and music theory.


164590_176576989043138_7196266_nShe was born in Hermoupolis on Syros island, Greece. She studied the accordion at the HellenicMusicSchool, as a student of Panagiotis Chalaris. She studied the piano at the AttikonMusicSchool with professor Ioannis Christofilos and she has graduated in harmony. She continued her studies at the Skalkota Music School with professor Nikos Ntrelas and received her certificate in counterpoint. Additionally, she took accordion lessons while having teacher the accordionist soloist Iraklis Vavatsikas. She has been playing this instrument since she was 13 years old, and she has been directing the two choirs of Syros for the last 10 years. In 2012 she organised the First Accordion Festival of Syros Island and she was the inspirer and instigator of the Syros Accordion Group. Since 2013 she is running her own music studio in Syros, where students from 4 to 55 years old are taught various music instruments. She teaches piano, accordion, lessons in advanced theory. She also tutors students who are interested in attending music studies at University.


TangartoThe TANGartO quintet is a music group that engages in the interpretation of the Argentinean tango. It is the first Greek group to provide the Greek audience with the authentic sound of tango. Its artistic course begins back in 1996 with notable performances.

The group has worked with various singers and dancers, performing all over Greece and Cyprus. It has also participated in significant cultural events (e.g. the Olympic Games of Athens 2004, Patra-European Cultural City), in tango festivals, in concerts with the Instrumental Orchestra of Athens, always receiving positive critiques.

The TANGartO quintet has a wide repertoire and always attempts to interpret authentic music pieces instead of adapted ones. Passion and eroticism emerge out of the unique sound of bandoneon. The musicians’ interpretation electrifies the atmosphere and excites even the most challenging audience.

The group’s programme includes pieces of Nuevo Tango of Astor Piazzolla as well as famousArgentineantangosof Carlos Gardel, Osvaldo Pugliese, F.Canaro, Mariano Mores, Villoldo, Juan de Dios Filiberto, Geraldo Matos Rodriquez, Lalo Schifrin.

  • Lefteris Grivas : bandoneon
  • Thomas Kontogeorgis : piano
  • George Panagiotopoulos : violin
  • Aristides Chatzistavrou : guitar
  • George Arnis : contrabass

“EL BESO”- DanceGroup/Workshop The EL BESO” – DanceGroup/Workshop was created in Syros by the dance teacher Ms Irini Voutsinou and started its action thanks to the valuable support of the Cultural Association of Chroussa in Syros. Its objective was the diffusion of Latin and European dances. Through its course the ‘El Beso’ group has invited many famous teachers to run seminars and offer classes, such as Mr Kostas Panakakis, Greek championship in competitive dance and preparation teacher of many athlets – dancers and Mr Andreas Pavlopoulos, teacher of Argentinean Tango, inspirer and co-ordinator of Patras Tango Fiesta and of TangoDeseos Patras. Moreover, Ms Christina Sarioglou and Mr Rojer Zalazar, European Championships of 2010 in Argentinean Tango have participated in the group for a year. The group continues its action through the organisation of various dance events. In relation to the Syros Accordion Festival 2014, the “El Beso” group has invited Mr Andreas Pavlopoulos and Ms Maria Anastasaki, dancing couple of Argentinean Tango, to accompany the ‘TANGarto Quintet’ during the Romantic Tango Evening.

Mr Andreas Pavlopoulos engaged in the Argentinean Tango for the first time in 2005, in Patras (Greece). He participated in various famous European festivals, in which he had the opportunity to be taught the Argentinean Tango by the greatest Argentinean teachers, such as Julio Balmaceda-Corina De La Rosa, Sebastian Arce-Mariana Montes, Chicho Frumboli, Roberto Herrera, Gustavo Naveira – Giselle Ann, Christian Marquez & Virginia Gomez, Facundo Piñero & Vanesa Villalba, Neri Piliu & Yanina Quiñones, Metin Yazir. In 2007, he inspired and organised the Patras Tango Fiesta, one of the first Tango Festivals to be organised in Greece. In January 2011 he founded the group TangoDeseos Patras. Since 2012 he forms a dance couple with Ms Maria Anastasaki and together they teach and organise dance shows. Their dance and teaching style extends from Tango Salon to Tango Escenario, with great emphasis being placed in improvisations.

Ms Maria Anastasaki started dancing the classic ballet (Russian style-Vaganova) when she was 3 years old in the recognised by the Greek Ministry of Culture dance school of Kaiti and Eleni Iliaki. From 1984 to 2008 she was taking part in her school’s annual performances, dancing the original choreographies of worldwide recognised choreographers. In the same school she completed her studies of professional ballet and contemporary dance. Later she started getting engaged in the Argentinean Tango. Since March 2012 she lives and works in Patras, where she forms a dance couple with Mr Andreas Pavlopoulos. She has attended seminars provided by worldwide recognised teachers and dancers of Tango such as Christian Marquez & Virginia Gomez, Facundo Piñero & Vanesa Villalba, Neri Piliu & Yanina Quiñones…


She was born in Ptolemaida, Greece, in 1998. Since 2006 she has been studying the accordion at the Varvoutio Dimotiko Odio (Varvoutio Municipal Music School) of Ptolemaida. She is a student of Pr. Alexander Tsougief. She is a student at the Neo Odio (New Music School) of Ptolemaida since 2013.

She has participated in various accordion competitions with great success.

First prize :

  • 2007, 2009, 2012: National Contest, in Kozani and Ptolemaida (Greece)
  • 2008 : International Contests “Dancing Keys” in Novi Pazar (Bulgary) & “Fisa… armonie”, in Trieste (Ιtaly).
  • 2009 : International Contests “Young Virtuosos”, in Sofia (Bulgary) & “Star Ways” in Kragujevac (Serbia).
  • 2010 International Contests in Kozani (Greece) & “Citta di Castelfidardo” in Castelfidardo (Italy).
  • 2011 International Contest in Donetsk (Ukraine).

Second prize :

  • 2009 International Contest in Przemysl (Poland).
  • 2010 International Contest in Klingenthal (Germany).

Apart from classic studies she has an interest in Balkan music. She has participated in many concerts and festivals as a soloist and also as a member of various music groups in Greece.


1476767_243133425851502_267061231_n“Gadjo Dilo” is a unique band created with the sole purpose of reanimating the Manouche gypsy jazz musical tradition. Their source of inspiration is the great gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, characterized by all great jazz musicians – without exception- as a genius. Django’s artistic and personal journey and the old jazz sounds of the 30s and 40s are listed by “Gadjo Dilo” as their basic influences. In their upcoming LP, entitled “Manouche de grec” they try to explore their love for Django, as well as their love for the older Greek songs. To everybody who maintains that Greek people are not accustomed to this genre, “Gadjo Dilo” answers: “We like to believe that with our music we contribute a little something to the beauty that surrounds us. This human need is larger than familiarity. Besides, this particular musical genre has largely influenced the 50s and 60s Greek music scene, thus becoming familiar to the Greek audiences”. Following their summer tour in the Balkans, where they participated in two (2) of the largest Jazz Festivals (Bansko International Jazz Festival 2013 – in which they appeared as headliners – and Nisville International Jazz Festival 2013) start their winter performances with the presentation of their first album titled “Manouche De Grec”. http://www.in-art.gr/details.aspxt=2&id=84&pn=0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmpgBxlgW2A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_XhPMwVjY0 https://www.facebook.com/GadjoAthens