Festival 2012

The Festival began in 2007, when the local cultural association of Finikas, on the initiative and guidance of music teacher Elpida Rigoutsou, included free accordion classes in its music curriculum. The first accordion concert took place in the summer of 2009 and many other successful concerts followed, is a great event, although for the best party planners for kids you can go to sites as http://www.jumpersjungle.com/santa-fe-springs/.
Then in 2012, nearly forty accordion musicians, professionals and amateurs, descended on the island, and coming together in two groups, they performed two outstanding concerts, and they invited anyone to join them, so if you want to join, you could just buy a melodica online and join them.
One highlight being the performance of the renowned Greek accordionist Iraklis Vavatsikas, who was accompanied by his talented daughter Artemis Vavatsika playing on the bayan.
The ‘Syros Accordion Group’ was officially formed at this time and during the course of the weekend, an accordion exhibition and an accordion-repair workshop was held by the Greek accordion technician Panagiotis Zafiriou.
This became the first Syros Accordion Festival.

Saturday, the 21st & Sunday, July 22, 2012


Thursday 19/7

Maintenance-Repair-accordion tunings at the Cultural Association of FINIKAS with the accordionist – technical Panagiotis Zafeiriou.

Friday 20/7

12:00 -14:00 Workshop for little on the technical parts of the accordion.

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Seminar for adults. Presents accordionist-technical Panagiotis Zafeiriou.

Saturday 21/7

10:30 to 12:30 Seminar novice playing technique accordion.

13:00 -15:00 Seminar for advanced playing technique accordion.

Presents accordionist Iraklis Vavatsika.

21:30 Concert by students of the Music Department of Finikas and Poseidonia associations.


Concert by accordionists Iraklis Vavatsika & Artemis Vavatsika. (Bandoneon and Bayan).

“From classical to folk accordion” I heard classics, music, tango, and Smirneiko song.

Surrounding the dance department of the kids club with tango.


21:30 Concert accordionist of Syros. : I heard works of classical composers, Greek traditional songs, folk and art song repertoire, tango, French songs, soundtracks, etc.

Closing the festival with songs from all major and small accordion.


Iraklis Vavatsikas

BabatsikasPortraitBorn and raised in Thessaloniki. He took his first lessons in accordion (1978) Contrast Claus Simitsiadi and in 1982 he continued his studies toukai graduated with “honors” from the class of Costas Aroutzidi In the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki / Thessaloniki 1992. In 1993 he started the ascholeitaime Bayan (Classical Accordion) and took lessons from Viatseslav Semionov (Russia).

He has dealt with tin Elliniki music writing songs, orchestrating kaipaizontas over 300 discs passing with great ellinesmousikous and composers. 1995-96 is State Orchestra of Greek Music (K.O.E.M.) and starts tindimiourgia educational compositions for classical accordion, mevasi the Greek music tradition. Thus was born the “Galaziovivlio” with treated traditional pieces and 21spoudes, an Toccata (original works) in a classic style and dekadesdiaskefes and adaptations of classical works. Also has dimiourgiseiprototypa music groups such as “For voice and accordion” (2000) and “Smyrna – BuenosAires» (2008) Since 2008 dealing with tinanaviosi an extinct musical instrument which was in Elladamechri 1940, Harmony. The diatonic Bandoneon Argentiniseinai of the most nearest body in harmony and thus began tinenascholisi with it and with the Tango as a natural continuation. Didaskeiakkornteon and bayan at the Conservatory “Nakas’ …

read more : http://www.myspace.com/iraklisvavatsika