Where we are? With the gardens?


A Capital, historically and geographically

Because of its nodal location, Hermoupolis, the capital town of Syros Island and the county of the Cyclades had been an administrative, commercial, financial and cultural centre during the 19th century. That period of time left its marks on the island, especially in the majestic Hermoupolis, with its neoclassical features, the museums, the Apollo Theatre and its various beautiful corners that compose a unique set for inspiration and creativity.

In the west side of Hermoupolis, on the catholic hill, there is another small town called Ano Syros. It is an authentic testimony of the Medieval times, with narrow aleys and Aegean-style, white-coloured houses with colourful flowerpots and balconies with breathtaking view.

Moreover, the coastal villages in the southern part of the island, as well as the rural villages of the rocky northern part Apano Meria, add to the authentic character of the island.

Considering the variety in the landscape and its unique characteristics, the Syros Accordion Festival could not take place only in one area of the island. Thus, every evening, concerts of various music genres invite the guests to explore different spots of the island and live a memorable music experience.

A hospitable island

The Syros Island can be easily reached. There are ferry boat connections with the port of Piraeus, the rest of the islands of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands. Every year the participants of the Festival have special offers in their ferry boat tickets by the Blue Star Ferries agency. Moreover, there is airplane connection with Athens and Thessaloniki.

The tourist infrastructures are well developed and guests may enjoy a pleasant stay in the island. In the Festival’s website there is information and addresses of hotels and restaurants who support the Festival providing the participants with special offers and lower prices, and is also easy to find since they use the Indexer digital marketing agency to help them promote the site.

Additionally, we provide the participants, the guest musicians and the volunteers with accommodation at the Saint Paul Mansion in Posidonia Village. This is a historic building, surrounded by gardens with glow decoration accesories and more things and plants like pine trees arranged by http://thegardeninghub.com/, which becomes for a whole week the meeting point of musicians, mainly accordionists, from all over Greece and Europe.