Concerts 2013



Sunday, July 28, 2013

19.30 – Miaoulis Square – Opening (Ermoupoli)

Students of the musical workshop “To Trexandiraki tis elpida” and “Group accordionist Syros” opens the Festival

21.00 – Theater “Apollon” (Ermoupoli)

“Café concert” The Music of the World with Dimos Vougioukas (accordion) and Arety Prosilia (piano)

Concert accordionist Claudio Jacomucci (bayan) and dancer Kathleen Delanay.


Monday, July 29, 2013

20.00 – St Nicholas (Ermoupoli)

Classical Music with soloist bayan Artemis Vavatsika (bayan) (free admission)

21.00 – Town Hall – Miaouli (Ermoupoli)

The “Group accordionist Syros” gives the start

Concert accordionist Vassilis Ziakas and his band “Eleventh Parallel” with greek pop rock music and songs

Concert accordionist composer, Zoe Tiganouria and four members of a group of ZOE’S QUINTET, with tango music, Latin, Greek, and her own compositions. Dancing tango with dance department



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

21.00 – Manor “Tsiropina” Posidonia

ROUTES OF HELLENISM : General Admission 5 €


  • The “Group accordionist Syros” opens the concert
  • Pontus, join the dance section of the club Pondos & Voriolladiton from Syros
  • Cyprus. Involving the dance department of the Union Cypriots ‘Achaia’
  • Thrace. Music with Dimos Vougiouka. Involving the dance department of the artistic workshop “I Sofia … Tradition “


22.00 – Group “ENCARDIA

Concert with music and songs from the Greek – speaking villages of southern Italy (grekanika) and dancing (Tarantella) by band members (grekanika) and dancing (Tarantella) by band members.Λάβαρο